Proposals for school expansion at Hounsdown Secondary School is typical of a number of schools which have seen staff and pupil numbers increase in recent years. The existing infrastructure was congested which raised concern for children’s safety so proposals were developed to rationalise and improve the access and circulation.

The completed scheme separates buses from cars, and allows eight buses to serve the school at the start and end of the day via a dedicated bus loop. Staff car parking has been increased by 90 bays, and spaces for visitors, and those with special needs have been prioritised close to the main entrance.

A cycle path has been introduced from the main road to the north of the school allowing cyclists to enter and leave the school in safety. A new secure cycle storage facility, which caters for 310 cycles, has also been incorporated, all of which is surveyed by a new CCTV system connected to the school reception.

Description School expansion

Stages Planning to completion

Period 2018

Client HCC

Team Lead HCC

Value £200k