Proposals for an ESFA secondary school design and forming part of a wider Major Development Area are planned for North Whiteley, Hampshire.  The existing landscape falls sharply from east to north-west along a ridge with a change in level of 15m. The heavy clay site is surrounded by dense woodland designated as a S.S.S.I.

A 20m buffer zone is to be protected from development, and a swale constructed in the western corner of the site to serve both the school and residential development. A S106 Agreement requires the site to accommodate a floodlit 3G football pitch and sand dressed hockey pitch together with multi-use games areas  for use by the new community. The plan has been developed to keep costs to a minimum, provide an extremely efficient footprint and allow the school to be expanded by a further two forms in the future with minimal disruption.

Following the production of a 3D CAD model it was possible to calculate the amount of earth moving required to develop the scheme which was fundamental to the feasibility study. The model revealed that some 30,000m3 of material would need to be moved to accommodate the school and create a usable  landscape. Once the ground model was set up, alternative proposals were quickly tested to assess various options. This saved the client time and fee. The ground model for the new ESFA school design was also used to predict the direction of surface water run off and areas likely to pond or require positive drainage.

Description New ESFA school design

Stages Outline proposals

Period For 2024

Client HCC

Team Lead HCC

Value £27M