St Johns Road, a former railway cottage with a long narrow west facing garden was designed to offer a series of multi functional spaces combining traditional cottage planting within a contemporary garden landscape design.

Inspired by the single point perspective created by railway lines, a wall and pond compartmentalises the long narrow garden into 3 distinct separate spaces. A bespoke galvanised steel trellis, designed to support a hammock, washing line and canopy, encloses a formal lawn edged with oak railway sleepers and lavender borders. Honeysuckle has been trained up the trellis to provide a scented screen without overwhelming the space.

A timber platform, set flush with the pond and back door creates a natural transition from the house to the garden. At night the garden is illuminated to encourage guests to spill into the garden when being entertained. A rendered wall with small opening intended for a  ‘graffiti’ artist commission offers a glimpse towards the end of the garden.

Description Contemporary garden landscape

Stages Full design to completion

Period 2004

Client Private

Team Lead Creating Place

Value £50,000